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Pedestrian Death Shows Risks for Walkers in Roanoke, VA

Virginia auto accident attorneyWDBJ7 reported recently on a tragic accident which occurred in Roanoke County in Virginia.  The accident occurred at approximately 6:00 PM on Bent Mountain Road, near Rocky Road. A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle, and was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Police were investigating the cause of the crash and had spoken to the driver who remained at the scene to talk with police.

Unfortunately, pedestrians die in Roanoke and other Virginia communities far too often. Pedestrian crashes can have serious consequences for walkers who survive the accidents, as well as for family members of those killed in collisions.

Dangers of Pedestrian Accidents in Roanoke

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has provided some important information on risks of pedestrian crashes. Motorists need to be aware of when and where pedestrian crashes are most likely to happen. Drivers need to be vigilant in high-risk locations and during high-risk times to avoid striking and killing walkers. Pedestrians also need to be cautious at all times about sharing the road with vehicles, but especially in locations where lots of pedestrian crashes happen.

While many pedestrian accidents happen at intersections, NHTSA data indicates pedestrians need to be especially careful at non-intersections. Pedestrians should walk across the street only at designated crosswalks whenever possible. Pedestrians should also try to cross the street where they are most visible, such as near a street light. Walkers should not step out into the middle of a street or parking lot, especially when coming from between parked cars, because other drivers may not see them coming.  

At intersections, pedestrians also need to be cautious and should cross with the light to try to avoid crash risks. Many pedestrian accidents happen at stop signs and other traffic signals. Pedestrian accidents can also occur at other locations, like road shoulders and trails, so pedestrians should always be vigilant. A pedestrian may be struck by a drunk or distracted driver while walking in a location he or she thought was safe.

Nighttime is an especially high risk time for pedestrians, and drivers need to ensure they are taking care to watch for walkers when it starts to get dark. Drivers need to be especially careful to look out for children, who may be harder to see in the dark. In fact, pedestrian crashes are a top cause of accidents involving children, according to the NHTSA. Children between the ages of 10 and 14 were the group with the most pedestrian deaths, as children within this age group may have more freedom to walk to and from school or other locations without supervision.

Drivers and pedestrians both should be aware of the risks and should do everything possible to avoid deadly pedestrian accidents with people of all ages.

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