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Seeking Medical Attention after a Rear-End Crash in Roanoke

Virginia auto accident attorneyBankrate reports property damage from a rear-end crash can total close to $10,000 when an SUV and a car are involved in a rear-end collision.  Drivers in Virginia are required to have property damage liability coverage, so the driver who is at fault should pay for damages he causes to another person's vehicle. Virginia drivers also must have bodily injury liability coverage, so a driver who causes a crash pays for injury losses when victims get hurt in a collision.

Rear-end crashes are very common car accidents in Virginia, and a driver at fault for causing one can be held liable so his insurer must pay both for property damages and injuries. There is a presumption the driver in the rear vehicle is at fault, which is difficult to overcome.

Motorists in the vehicle struck by the car behind them should be able to get full compensation for all injuries and losses resulting from the crash from the rear driver. Those who are passengers in the car of the rear driver may also have a claim.  However, in order for any crash victim to be able to make a case to obtain injury compensation after a rear-end crash, the driver should get medical attention after the accident happens.

Why You Need to Seek Medical Attention After a Rear-End Crash

You need to seek medical attention in order to have the evidence you need to successfully make an insurance claim for crash losses. Since there is a presumption of fault for the rear driver, it is easy for most collision victims in rear-end accidents to prove who is at fault. This is not the only thing you must prove to be compensated, though. It is also up to crash victims to demonstrate the full extent of their injuries. Whether you negotiate a settlement with an insurer or whether you file a personal injury civil suit, you are thus going to want a lot of evidence about how badly you were hurt.

Getting medical attention after a rear-end crash gives you the chance to have all of your injuries documented right away.  If you do not get medical help promptly, you won't have proof of all injuries caused by the crash. Insurers could argue you aren't hurt as badly as you were claiming, and could point to the fact you didn't see a doctor to bolster their claim. Insurers could also try to deny a claim by saying your injuries were caused by something other than the car crash. Detailed medical records can be used to help refute these arguments and prove your right to full and fair compensation following a rear-end collision.

According to Auto Insurance Center, the average cost for a bodily injury liability claim in 2013 had reached $15,506. Going to get a comprehensive exam and documenting your medical injuries after a crash is going to be the key to making sure you can get these losses covered by the responsible driver's auto insurer, rather than having to pay out of pocket.

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