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Car Accident Reporting Center Opens in Roanoke

Virginia auto accident attorneyDrivers in Virginia have to report car accidents to police, have to stop their vehicles, and have to exchange information with other drivers. Unfortunately, as motorists wait on the road for police to come when an accident is reported, they are actually at risk of causing further collisions to happen. They could be hit, or others could be hurt if additional accidents happen due to drivers rubbernecking instead of paying attention to the road.

A new collision reporting center aims to help solve this problem and make crash reporting easier. reported on the new center, which is the first of its kind to open in the area. Motorists involved in accidents will need to find out how the center works so they can comply with their obligations to report accidents and so they can make sure crashes are properly reported in case they need a record of the accident to make an injury or property damage claim.

Car Accident Reporting Center Changes Crash Reporting Process in Roanoke

The new collision reporting center which is opening in Roanoke is the first in the county. It will be located near Lamplighter Mall in North Roanoke, at 631 Abney Road.  The idea of the center has been imported from Canada, and the goal is to make accident reporting more efficient, to streamline insurance filings, and to get drivers out of the roads quicker after collisions.

The process of reporting collisions still change with the opening of the new reporting center. Under the old system, a law enforcement officer would come to the crash scene after drivers called 911. The officer would write a rash report for the drivers to detail what happened, and might issue a summons to on of the drivers responsible for the accident. The drivers would then get int ouch with their insurers. The reporting process would take around 45 minutes.

Under the new system, drivers still call 911 and get police to come to the crash scene. Now, however, the officer comes to the scene and determines if the reporting should take place at the collision reporting center. If the officer determines it meets the criteria, the drivers will be sent on their way and required to go to the center within 48 hours to report the accident. Drivers must provide officers with their license and their registration in order to be eligible to report at the center. Primarily, crashes which are handled at the center will include those with property damage only. If a crash involves injuries, fatalities, hazardous materials, potential criminal activity, or substantial property damage, then it will still be handled by an officer and not at the crash reporting center.

Drivers need to be aware of the new process and make sure they are making reports so they have evidence of injuries and damage which they need to make claims for compensation for their losses.

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