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How Automobile Technology Can Cause Distracted Driving

Automobile technology is rapidly making headway. Many new vehicles are already equipped with semi-autonomous and infotainment technology – which are both intended to eliminate human error or increase convenience.  We recently discussed the danger of livestreaming while driving following an autonomous Uber accident that left a Phoenix pedestrian dead.   But while most drivers will eventually have the option to utilize this technology, it’s not...

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Drivers Must Be Aware of Pedestrians and Bicyclists in Roanoke School Zones

Drivers are already noticing the increased congestion on Roanoke roads during morning and afternoon rushes as children head back to school. In addition to those on buses and in parent drop-off and pick-up lanes, a fair portion of students walk or ride bicycles. Motorists who are speeding, rolling through stop signs or paying more attention...

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Roanoke Car Accident Risk Heightened by Livestreaming Drivers

Smartphones contribute to Virginia car accidents at a startling rate due to the level of distraction they provoke. But there's an even more serious form of distracted driving involving smartphones - livestreaming. This includes watching real-time videos or filming live videos for social media audiences while behind the wheel. Dangers posed by livestreaming and driving...

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Avoiding Drunk Driving Accidents in Virginia

The summer travel season is among the deadliest times of the year for drunk-driving crashes. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles reports drunk-driving crashes claimed 248 lives last year and injured more than 4,400. Intoxicated driving ranked behind only speeding as the deadliest driving behavior. Driving Tests has published a number of summer safe-driving tips...

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Roanoke Drivers Using Hands-Free Devices Are Still Distracted

Distracted driving has become a major public health risk in Virginia. Drivers, passengers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and other road users are all placed in danger when a driver is distracted. Distraction has become even more pervasive as smart phones, navigation systems, and in-vehicle information and entertainment systems have become almost universal. Some drivers make efforts to...

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Roanoke Trucking Accidents: Deadly Risk of an Underride

A bipartisan effort in Congress could soon end that unsettling view beneath passing tractor-trailers on the Interstate and have a significant impact on passenger, bicyclist and pedestrian safety in urban areas of Virginia. The Stop Underrides Act of 2017 would update standards for rear underride guards and require side underride guards for trailers and front...

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How Roanoke Drivers Can Protect Themselves From Black Ice

During Virginia winters, snow and ice present hazards to drivers, passengers, bikers and pedestrians alike. Some of these natural hazards are unavoidable. In other cases, drivers may be found at fault for causing weather-related collisions. When a driver’s negligence is the cause of a victim’s injuries, the victim has the right to be compensated for...

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